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Alcohol of Fame
    Randy Travis
Randy Takes OWI to an Entirely New Level!

Randy Travis was completely naked when he was arrested on suspicion of DWI after crashing his car in Texas.

The country singer was arrested shortly before midnight Tuesday in Tioga after a single-car accident, the Grayson County Sheriff's Department says. According to TMZ, which first reported the news, Travis, 53, was completely naked when cops pulled him over.

Travis also faces a felony charge of retaliation or obstruction, the sheriff's department says, but did not provide details. Citing law enforcement sources, TMZ reports that Travis verbally threatened a cop during the arrest.

Travis, who reportedly suffered minor bruises and cuts in the crash, is being jailed without bond pending an appearance before a judge Wednesday morning.

This is the second alcohol-related arrest for Travis this year. In February, he was arrested on a charge of public intoxication/urination after he was found parked in front of a church in Tioga, where he lives, reeking of alcohol, per the arresting officer. Travis told police that he had just gotten into a fight with his girlfriend and later apologized to fans. "I'm committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions," he said.