Schnapper Bob Ryan

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Alcohol of Fame
Sheboygan WI Mayor, Bob Ryan
Update, February 2012
Mayor Bob Ryan has been recalled! Perhaps now he will seek the treatment he needs and stop giving the rest of us responsible bingers a bad name.

Orignal Article:

Sheboygan Wisconsin is a brat, shot and a beer kind of town. A hard drinking town that needs a hard drinking Mayor. Bob Ryan was born for da job! Being a Wisconsinite, he is genetically pre-disposed to crave alcohol. He is a victim of a cruel hoax by mother nature called sobriety. 

Bob Ryan lives his dream. Political power, wild party weekends in Elkhart Lake at the "End Zone", and a sex scandal with Angela Payne, his Personnel Director. Obviously, she can't take a joke. Neither can the Sheboygan City Council. He recently stunned colleagues at a Common Council meeting by confessing that he has been drinking again. But Ryan says it has 
not and will not affect his performance as mayor.
“I’m an alcoholic. Let’s face it. I know. I’ve known for many, many years,” Ryan said, in a statement taped by the Sheboygan Press.
 Mayor Ryan has faced two scandals in the past year. An accusation that he sexually harassed former H.R. director Angela Payne, and an embarrassing YouTube video in which he appears to be drunk and making sexual comments about his sister-in-law. "
"She gives good hummers",  said Ryan.
 On Tuesday, several of Ryan’s supporters and colleagues came to his defense, saying he has performed his job well in the midst of his addiction. “Alcoholism is something that is very common in Wisconsin. It's part of our culture. I don’t see this affecting his job performance at all,” 
said Alderman Dennis Ratkee.
Several other aldermen said they were disappointed, but they did not believe Ryan needed to step down. Alderwoman Jodi VanderWeenie said she plans to support Mayor Ryan for now.  "He was elected by the majority and now it's time to let him do his job," she said.  "We all have personal lives, none of us are perfect, and we have to give him that chance to drink his shots. "
 Alderman Thomas Bowower says he is considering taking some kind of action against the mayor, but he wanted to hear more about the details of the sex scandal and drinking binge before he made a decision. "That sounds like a lot of fun", says Bowower.
 In his statement on Monday night, he did say he will work harder on his treatment.  
 “I just want everybody to know that I will work my program at "Wenzel's Rehab" even more vigorously. I thank God for my Jaegermeister", said Ryan.