Wisconsin Soul DVD


1. Please Pass The Schnapps 12. No, I Don't Wanna Do Dat
2. Sandpiper Polka 13. We Can Get Drunker Den Youse
3. Bears Still Suck Polka 14. Oh Pretty Beer
4. Puppets, Clowns And Mimes 15. Pussywhipped
5. Dis Ain't My Toilet 16. I Saw Elvis
6. Pull My Finger 17. Com'ere Once
7. Boys And Girls Polka 18. Who Da Hell Is Johnny
8. Beer And A Bump 19. Who Stole The Keeshka
9. We're On A Beer Run 20. Shut Up And Drink
10. Yodel For A Beer 21. C Is For Cowboys
11. La Grange 22. Star Spangled Banner


Copyright 2004
Lyrics are property of The Happy Schnapps Combo
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